It’s all about being more human.

We’re going to be talking with machines a lot in the future—so shouldn’t those be great interactions? Our mission is to help make human-machine interaction more...well, human.

Technology is missing something.

More companies today rely on AIs to interact with customers, and a rift is growing. Machines still have a lot to learn, and they're not yet great at sending signals we expect to see when we communicate, or picking up the emotional nuances in our voices when we speak to them. At Rapport, we're working to close that rift. Why? We believe in creating more natural interactions between people and machines.

Meet our leadership

Gregor Hofer

CoFounder + CEO
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Michael Berger

CoFounder + CTO
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Ashley Whitlatch

VP of Marketing
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Attila Vass

VP of Engineering
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Alan Murray

Chief Finance Officer
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Doug Montgomery

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Our principles

Stay Human

Our team understands, embraces, and addresses the human experience.

Make it Easy

Our products are built to reduce complexity, friction, and time-to-market.

Go Deep

We solve hard problems and hold ourselves and our tech to a higher standard.

Build Trust

We seek to create products and experiences that empower deeper connections.

Help us build the future of human-machine communication.

We work with integrity on hard problems worth solving. Join us and help make a future you actually want to live in.
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