Ready to build deeper trust and loyalty with your team members?

Ensure their onboarding experience is enjoyable, training’s are interactive, and communication is clear by visualizing your employer brand with a virtual character.

What makes Rapport solutions special?

Easy website integration
Get up and running quickly with just a few lines of code.
It’s real-time
Provide a personalized experience, 24-7, so even if you’re sleeping, your brand is not.
Create personalized characters
Give your brand a friendly face and personalize the customer experience.
Voice & emotion analytics
Get real data on what your customers are feeling with voice and emotion analytics.
Reliable cloud service
We scale with you, giving you access to powerful capabilities to handle increased customer engagement interactions.
Connect to any conversational AI
Want to give a face to your text-based conversational AI? We’ve got you covered.

Enhance your HR communications with Rapport

Make team onboarding fun again.

Make those new to the team feel welcomed and excited to be there from day one. Easily provide personalized info, company policies, and explain forms.

Offer engaging, personalized training.

Ensure your required trainings or leadership development programs are not a snooze fest, and can be something team members look forward to participating in.

Present new or updated policies with ease.

New legislation just passed that affects your team members? Share it easily and create clarity for your team members with clear internal communication.

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