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How are companies using Rapport?

Offering a friendly hand through onboarding.

A virtual onboarding agent can help in any situation where you need to walk a customer through several steps while capturing accurate information. Tedious data collection concerning private information like finances or medical histories can be made pleasant and secure.
Whether it’s onboarding a new customer, patient, or employee, the combination of automated efficiency and friendly experience is hard to match.

Healthcare companion for the elderly.

Much of the world's population is reaching their golden years, but many don’t have the personal help they need. A new generation of virtual companions can perform lightweight care like reminding them to take medication, leading them in fitness routines, and ensuring they comply with doctor's orders.
An interactive healthcare companion can also help the elderly feel properly watched over between their appointments.

Walk customers through an eCommerce sale.

Imagine having a knowledgeable sales assistant walk you through a purchase as naturally as if you were in the store. Take a step up from text chat and speak directly with your customers, capturing invaluable data and decreasing abandoned shopping carts.
A virtual sales assistant offers a consistent, helpful, and on-brand experience making every customer feel like a VIP.

Training and education without the hurdles.

Say goodbye to boring, impersonal online training. A virtual instructor can interact with trainees without requiring a keyboard, offering a more natural, two-way learning experience. This is especially helpful for trainees with low literacy skills.
Use the materials you already have and upgrade your training experience to make it more scaleable, more effective, and more enjoyable.

Bringing characters to life with real-time animation.

There’s an undeniable thrill of seeing your game character speak with your voice. Give players a deeper immersion into your game with live character-to-character speech.
And this even goes beyond gaming. Any virtual experience can be upgraded to make avatars feel more embodied by their users. Now you can make it happen with ease.

Welcome guests with a digital concierge.

As the travel and hospitality industries digitize, the opportunities for person-to-person interactions are getting scarce. Bridge the gap with a digital concierge who makes sure each guest feels welcomed and catered to with a consistent, helpful, and on-brand experience.
Use a digital concierge to make a guest feel welcome and catered to with a consistent, helpful, and on-brand experience.

Our clients say it best:

“When we came across Rapport, we were really excited. We’d been looking at digital characters as the next evolution of automated chat but hadn’t found anyone that mirrored our ambition with a product to match. Working with the team throughout the year to bring to life our vision of the future has been an inspiring experience and the best is still to come.”
James Brooks

Innovation Principal, Capita

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