Building Trust through Rapport

Talking to machines used to be a sci-fi fantasy, but today it’s an everyday occurrence. While the technology is viable, it only takes a split second to notice something has been lost: the humanity. Rapport takes advantage of information hidden in a human voice to help machines understand and express human emotion. Our platform can analyze, interpret, and recreate those subtle behavioral cues in near real-time. Why? To create more natural interactions between people and machines. After all, building rapport with your customers is the first step in a trusting and profitable relationship.
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Our Founders

Gregor Hofer

Gregor is the CEO and co-founder of Speech Graphics. He holds a PhD in Informatics from the University of Edinburgh, and previously served as a research fellow at the School of Informatics. In addition, he spent time as a senior researcher at the Telecommunications Research Centre in Vienna where he successfully commercialized a text-to-speech prototype that now powers several government websites. Gregor has also co-authored grants worth £1.5MM to fund the commercialization of technology. Through his leadership, Speech Graphics has become the leading facial animation software used by 9 of the top 10 video game publishers.

Michael Berger

Michael is the CTO and co-founder of Speech Graphics. His lifelong fascination with language led to his beginnings as a theoretical linguist and speech scientist. An avid inventor working at the crossroads of language and technology, he is also a software engineer who has been a pioneering expert in the field of speech technology for over 25 years. Through this work, he helped create the first-ever automated talking head, later developing state-of-the-art techniques in realistic synthesis of facial dynamics from audio. He architects the Speech Graphics Core and leads the team to strive ever toward perfection in audio-driven animation output.

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