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The Rapport Report

October 20th, 2021

Which digital character is right for your business?

by Madeline Ostrander, Content Marketing Manager

Digital characters allow you to associate a friendly face with your brand, create engaging content, and build a stronger relationship with your customers. With so many types of digital characters to pick from, how do you know which one your customers will connect with best? Take our quick quiz to determine which character could be the perfect match for your business. 

Q1: How would you describe your target audience?

A) Gamers or consumers
B) Customers or prospects
C) Students 

Q2: What function will this character serve?

A) Engaging in long-form dialogue or scripted video content
B) Serve as an intermediary for customer service representatives
C) Engaging on a casual level with users

Q3: Why is your company interested in implementing a digital character?

A) To enhance customer experiences through high quality, engaging content
B) To provide relief for customers service representatives by targeting frequently asked requests
C) To grow our brand’s presence in a fun and innovative way

Q4: What kind of emotions does your digital character need to display?

A) Capable of a wide range of emotions and moods
B) Generally friendly attitude but mostly neutral and calming
C) Warm and upbeat

Q5: What or who is your digital character meant to represent?

A) A person or character that exists, or could exist
B) An ambassador for our brand, a friendly helper
C) A mascot or a symbol embodying our brand values (knowledgeable, energetic, etc.)



If you answered...


A realistic face for your character complete with more accurate emotions and expressions for natural-looking speech. These characters are ideal for gaming as well as long-form video content, especially when working off a design based on a real person. It can convey a more serious tone with a realistic look rather than a cartoon-styled character. 



A friendly character for your customers to interact with. Great for adding a new face to existing chatbots on your website and building a trusting relationship with your audience, and increasing brand loyalty. Having a stylized character can also eliminate the “uncanny valley” feeling some photorealistic characters can give off. 



A fun and engaging character for a variety of audiences. Great for brand building and bringing to life an existing mascot, or to serve as a symbol for your brand values.  These characters are also a great gender-neutral option for character design.

A MIX OF A’S, B’S + C’s:

Something unique! Sounds like you have a cool project in mind that requires a unique, customized solution. 

You’re in luck! Rapport facial animation technology works with any character, whether you wish to use a Metahuman, a stylized character, an animal, or something completely unique. Our platform makes connecting your digital character to a conversational AI and integrating into your website easy. Ready to build an experience your customers will love? Sign up for early access here.

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