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December 1st, 2021

Is the Metaverse Leading Tech or Just Far-Fetched? You Answered.

by Madeline Ostrander, Content Marketing Manager

With recent announcements from Meta, Microsoft, Alibaba, and more, the metaverse is dominating the tech news cycle. We wanted to take the time to ask all of you your thoughts about the metaverse, how you anticipate interacting with it, and what it means for your business via a brief survey.

From CEOs and Founders, to Marketing Directors, Freelancers, and more, survey respondents across a variety of industries shared great insights into how they are approaching this new frontier in tech. While many are excited about the opportunity to engage with customers in new and innovative ways, there seemed to be a shared concern around privacy and data collection. Despite concerns, 97% of respondents agreed the metaverse is leading the way for the future of technology. 

What else does our audience think of the metaverse? Continue reading below for some key insights from the survey:


Represented Industries:

Respondents fell into the following categories:

  • 24% Gaming, TV/Film, Entertainment
  • 20% Education
  • 20% Retail/e-commerce
  • 17% Tech/SaaS
  • 7% Customer service
  • 6% Healthcare
  • 6% Finance

97% of respondents agreed* the metaverse is leading the way for the future of technology. *Answered 3 or higher  


"What do you see are potential opportunities within the metaverse?" 

While many of our respondents hope to utilize the metaverse for conducting internal business, there is also excitement around what the metaverse will mean for gaming and for building a digital presence/persona. There are also real-life applications they look forward to, including virtual doctor’s visits, collaborative settings for school and classes, as well as shopping. Below are some of our favorite answers:

"Remote working and collaboration. Multiplayer gaming. Shared events (e.g. concerts). Social networking." 

"Perfect fusion of virtual and reality" 

"Immersion, product visualization, storytelling" 

“Digital humans, consumer experience, entertainment, gaming, virtual healthcare, banking, retail”

“Being able to give a lecture without having to shave and wash”

“Richer, more meaningful, 'present' engagements between the customer and brand/provider/retailer”

“The biggest opportunity is 3d game worlds, open to game creators and encouraging more people to create games on them.”

93% believe the metaverse will provide their business/brand with an innovative way to interact with customers. *Answered 3 or higher 

63% anticipate using a virtual meeting space in the metaverse for conducting internal business in the near future (1-2 years).

93% agree* it is important that the metaverse is inclusive and reflective of society. *Answered 3 or higher 

“How do you anticipate your business will interact with the metaverse?”

“Remote working productivity tools (e.g. virtual meetings).”

“With Digital Humans, and Digital Assistants”

“Virtual tours of facilities, training staff”

“Internal meetings, customer engagement, interactive site platform, webinars, education.”

"A metaverse storefront/service center...and AI-driven customer conversations" 

"What do you see are potential problems within the metaverse?" 

"While anyone can have access, not everyone has access to the technology.”

"Profit over people, data privacy, lack of algorithms that support diverse communities and distancing real relationships." 

“Lack of compatibility /interoperability between closed networks / walled gardens. Ideally, the metaverse should be as open as the internet.”

“Reality alienation, escape from real problems, information control, mass behavior manipulation, lack of freedom of speech, agenda-pushing”

“Anonymity for bad actors. Emboldened people of an unsavory nature.”

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