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The Rapport Report

September 9th, 2020

Introducing Rapport: the Latest Advancement in Human-Machine Communication

by Gregor Hofer, CoFounder + CEO

Over the past decade our team has constantly innovated to deliver more engaging and complete digital experiences for entertainment giants, including Warner Brothers, Epic Games, and Microsoft, among others. With some of the most quality conscious clients in the entertainment industry using our Speech Graphics animation technology, it has become the standard solution to creating high fidelity speech animation. So what comes next?

We’ve improved the graphics, sound, and fidelity of the machine interaction while at the same time enabling machines to display natural behaviors and create appropriate reactions to what users are saying. Most excitingly, this core technology is now delivered using a scalable cloud backend, taking care of all the heavy lifting so your users’ devices don’t have to. Sounds pretty great, right?

Meet Rapport. Our new platform for the web development community that will unlock digital avatars on the web using our mature technology. Rapport lets you integrate a digital avatar into a webpage with just a few lines of code. Any web developer will be able to create a compelling conversational AI experience using Rapport. The platform connects a range of technologies, including ASR, TTS, and NLP from best in class providers seamlessly using our sophisticated backend. This results in a beautifully rendered character users can interact with right there and then, on a webpage, without any downloads.

During this private release phase, we are looking for developers who want to try it out—to test, and see what’s possible. To begin with, you’ll be able to use any Amazon Lex bot with a digital avatar. Using our backend services you can see for yourself how natural it feels to interact with a digital character that is driven by an AI. Want in? Sign up below for early access.

If you are a business leader thinking about implementing conversational AI to efficiently communicate with your customers, consider how you can replicate some of those human connections using technology. And feel free to reach out to us at—we’d love to discuss those possibilities. Ultimately, we’re about making human-computer interactions more human.

We look forward to building the future with you.


- Gregor, Michael, and the Rapport Team

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