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The Rapport Report

July 6th, 2021

Annual Investment Pitch Event First to Integrate with Rapport Web Viewer

by Ashley Whitlatch, VP of Marketing


Several weeks ago we shared news about our homepage demo launch in an email that caught the eye of Danny Helson, Entrepreneurship Programme Manager at the University of Edinburgh’s Bayes Center. After experimenting with more demos through Rapport’s early access platform, he was eager to show colleagues. 

“Danny was keen to use Rapport to profile EIE Alumni’s ongoing success[es],” according to Bayes Center Events Manager, Ronnie Johnston, “and I also thought the demo looked great.” EIE (Engage Invest Exploit) has been an annual event associated with the University of Edinburgh since 2008, connecting investors with promising, high growth startups seeking seed to series A funding. And this year’s event was only a few weeks away. 

So they hopped on a call to chat with our Rapport Team about utilizing the Rapport Web Viewer for their event. “EIE is a showcase of the best the Scottish startup scene has to offer,” Gregor Hofer, Rapport CoFounder and CEO said of the EIE event. “Being a University of Edinburgh spin out ourselves, and alumni of EIE, they were natural partners for the first outing of the Rapport platform.”

After the discussion, it was decided incorporating a welcome digital character into their virtual events platform would be a great way to test the waters. They had always used a recorded video in the past, which required a lot of time, money, and staff to produce. If a digital character could quickly offer a more personalized greeting and event instructions with ease, why not?

Jackie Clark, Project Manager at 6Connex, the events platform hosting EIE2021, was quickly brought up to speed: “I saw a demo which showed ordering flowers—I hadn’t seen anything like this before where you directly converse with a [digital character].” 

With everyone on board, an integration plan was quickly mapped out, a welcome script written, and Clark said, “The process was easy—you have a very nice team who are willing to help explain things and go the extra mile to make a demo work.”

For our Team, it was incredible to see Rapport being used on a 3rd party site. “This is a huge achievement for the team and validation of the technology,” Hofer said.

Also utilized across EIE’s social channels during this year’s event, anyone registered for EIE2021 can still experience Edi, EIE’s welcome digital character. They’ll be greeted with more information on the event, and how to watch past sessions on the 6Connex platform for the next month. “I was delighted that we could use the [digital character] on the platform over the past few weeks,” Johnston said in a follow-up message. High praise from the person who’s usually featured in the previously recorded video messages to attendees. 

Clark has also been considering other use cases for incorporating the Rapport Web Viewer with 6Connex, now that she’s seen it in action. “For 6Connex this is a very exciting product. We find that users sometimes get ’screen fatigue’ and miss the ability to converse with others,” she shared. “Your product goes a long way to enabling communication in a more ‘human’ manner. It’s a great product.” And then she went on to share, “I really see that an AI could be programmed to answer Frequently Asked Questions so the [digital character] is there to answer these questions without having to type into the Helpdesk support.” 

For many of us, screen fatigue has reached a peak during COVID, and we’re thrilled to see other platforms exploring options, like our Rapport platform, to make communicating virtually more human. 

Plus, as Hofer and our entire team believe, working with our customers as early as possible when developing our platform allows us to battle test our assumptions and truly understand their needs. Hofer shared how this philosophy positively impacted the project: “For EIE we had to develop a new integration method for our technology that will allow our customers to have a digital character up and running on their site with one line of code.” Pretty cool, right? 

We’ve got more upcoming partnerships we cannot wait to share with you, and we look forward to seeing what other experiences the developer community builds with our Rapport Web Viewer. 

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