We make human-machine communication more...human.

Until now, machines haven't been great at expressing themselves. We're changing this with a real-time, cloud-based platform that powers more natural interactions between humans and AIs. Interested?

We focus on two main ways of making machines more relatable.

Voice Animation

Turn an audio stream into animation using parameters on your digital avatar.

Voice Analytics

Extract nonverbal insights from the voice, like the emotional state of the speaker.

Bring your brand to life by creating a custom character.

How can you use Rapport?


Extend your telepresence, while increasing satisfaction and compliance.

More life-like characters with radically improved production efficiencies.
Customer Service

Handle more calls with higher emotional acuity and customer satisfaction.
Banking & Finance

Offer a friendly and secure helping hand to customers, at scale.

Bring a human touch to an increasingly hands-off, digitally-driven experience.
Learning & Education

Automate teaching while maintaining the interactive nature of learning.
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Brands we’ve enabled

What can you do with Rapport?

Capture hidden data in the voice stream.

We help machines listen better, and speak more naturally leading to more satisfying experiences for the people who interact with them.

Generate natural feeling avatars.

We bring your characters to life in a way not possible before, making them easier for you to create, and more engaging for your customers.

Integrate, develop, and scale easily.

Our low-latency, cloud-based platform, integrates seamlessly with other platforms, scales with you, and gives you access to powerful capabilities with very little code.

Find out more about our cloud-based platform to create animated avatars your customers will love.

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